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There are several different Easter activities going on at various places in the country as well as one we found in Canada (with a hat tip to the Mormon Times). Find a list of events below.

Be sure to look at the videos at the bottom of this post for video glimpses of some of the wonderful events that are being held.

We’ve mentioned the interfaith Easter oratorio and community service effort going on in the Bay Area in California. The remaining performances of “Lamb of God” will be held on the 23rd and 24th of April. See the link for more details.

Here are a few other Easter events that might be of interest to those in the following areas:

And if you don’t live in any of these places, we’ll bring the work of a few of the above artists’ work to you below.

Here’s a video that shows sculptures from The Healing Power of Christ exhibit, with music from composer Rob Gardner (composer of “Lamb of God”).

See glimpses of the Reflections of Christ exhibit through video:

Hear a piece from the “Lamb of God” (Hosanna)

Here’s someone’s amateur video of a song from the Mesa, Arizona Temple Easter Passion Play (Pageant) (this one in Spanish):