The Women’s Session of the October 2020 General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was such a power- and peace-filled meeting. The recording of this session will be available soon, but until then, here are some summaries of the reassuring, empowering, and soothing messages that were given to women all over the world.

The messages given through authorized servants of Jesus Christ can be as though He is speaking to us. As I listened, I felt His love and desire to help, lift, bless, and heal, and to magnify my desires and efforts to follow Him.

Our Heavenly Parents know us. They is aware of us. They is there to help us. They believe in us, Their daughters. and appreciates the efforts we make to build faith in Jesus Christ in ourselves and others, and seek to extend His love to others as a way to bring light and change to the world.