I love the beach.  I love watching the water come swiftly up to my feet, cover them up, then just as quickly, reside back from the shore.  The wave takes everything away and makes the sand smooth again.

It’s beautiful.

When I read the New Testament and come upon the scene where Christ washes His disciples feet, I often wonder what was going through their  minds.  It was such a simple act of service…meaning so much more than I feel I understand.  For someone as perfect as the Savior to come and touch my feet, my life and make it clean and pure again….so that I can start out on my lifes’ road once more with a fresh start, a renewed hope that I can make it back to my Father in Heaven.  Well it humbles me.

It strengthens me to be better….for Him….for myself….for those I love.

I feel more like the woman  in Luke 7 who washed the Saviors feet with her tears, begging for forgiveness, begging for a chance to make things right in her life.  And He watched her and let her serve Him.  And taught His disciples while she was kneeling before Him.

I wonder if my love for water stems from something deeper….

the feelings of being cleaned, being purified, being made whole again….