The Jubilee event was rained out (more like hurricaned out), so we don’t have an on-demand virtual ticket to give away. But you can see what they captured on-the-fly in a livestream from Emily Belle Freeman’s house after the decision was made to call the event. They still were able to bring 1.5 hours of content to us all. You can find the recording of that livestream here:


This is what they write about what is in the livestream.

“Lisa Jo Baker and Emily Belle Freeman gave their full talks. Morgan Jones, Nish Weiseth, and Neill Marriott hosted their panel discussion. We had the beauty and encouragement from Yahosh Bonner singing. Emily spoke with one of the producers of The Chosen about what he’s learned about bridge-building. We worshiped alongside TJ Faamausili, who played his ukelele and sang for us. Lisa Valentine Clark hosted and made us laugh the whole way through.”

Some screenshots follow.

Choosing to laugh instead of cry.
Be sure to listen to the lyrics that TJ @tjfaamausili changed up to “Nearer My God to Thee.” He closed the livestream with a song called “He Can Lift You High”
@LisaJoBaker shares one of her favorite Bible stories from the Old Testament and reflections on connection
Yahosh Bonner (@yahoshb) sings “Hills and Valleys” (and later sings “His Eye is on the Sparrow”
Panel with @nishweiseth, Neill Marriott, and Morgan Jones (mojo7795/) about breaking down inter-faith barriers
Brad is one of the producers of The Chosen and was invited to share some thoughts on bridge-building, in part by talking about the moment Jonathan Roumie (a Catholic) and Dallas Jenkins (an Evangelical Christian) met the Pope…all gathering because of Jesus.
Emily Belle Freeman shares the amazing story of the Brooklyn bridge as she closes the event with her thoughts on connection and bridge-building and difference-making through and around Jesus.

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Original post is below:

Years ago, I came across a group called Multiply Goodness. Their mission is “to empower women to love God’s Word and build bridges across different faith traditions through guided Bible study, inspired gatherings, and intentional friendship for the purpose of multiplying goodness throughout the world.” They model and share how you can create or engage with your own small Bible study group. Free small group leader and participants guide downloads are available. You can also find some free study guides from past studies, like a 14-day Live Love Experience or a “Fruits of the Spirit” study. (Monday they begin a new study: “In His Image.”) They have an Instagram account where most of their sharing and gathering happens.

But on occasion, they host physical gatherings. Today Multiply Goodness is hosting an event called a Jubilee in Lehi, Utah. [“In the Old Testament,” they share on the event website, “the jubilee was considered a time of rest, abundance, and joy.”] The theme for the event is “Connected” — exploring “the ways we are already connected to one another, how we can build stronger connections between us, and how we can invite others to experience that connection.”

They realize that many won’t be able to attend because of health or distance or funds or schedules, or because they hadn’t ever heard of this event. But there is good news! Multiply Goodness is offering a virtual option for their Jubilee. This is an on-demand program that will become accessible next week.

We at Women Seeking Christ are giving away a virtual ticket to the Jubilee. Simply share a favorite Bible verse and why it is meaningful to you in the comments below by August 28 at midnight EST. We’ll run a random number generator and send an email to the lucky recipient.

Here is what I have been told about the virtual option:

“The virtual option is an on-demand experience that will provide digital copies of materials that are given at the Jubilee, as well as a video production of the onstage event with the speakers and worship music.” [They have changed it from the livestream option because of feedback they have received about women wanting to watch the onstage events on their own time.]

We love the spirit of what Multiply Goodness is doing — helping unite women from various faiths around the Word of God and inviting them to take His light out into their spheres.

Again, if you would like to be entered into the drawing for a free virtual ticket, please share your favorite Bible verse below in the comments. And if you are looking for some inspiration in your Instagram feed, be sure to follow Multiply Goodness.