“And it came to pass that Abram looked forth and saw the days of the Son of Man, and was glad, and his soul found rest.” JST Gen. 15:12

Some in the scriptures, like Abram (Abraham) or Isaiah had the chance to see the days of Jesus Christ in vision. Others had the opportunity to see and experience the Savior personally while He was on the earth (such as is recorded in the Four Gospels). Others were able to see Jesus when He visited people after His resurrection.

For the rest of us, we have the scriptures as a way to see some of “the days of the Son of Man.” I’m also grateful for the way that I can “see” some of what it might have been like to see His days in vision or in person through media like The Chosen. The more I can see of Christ, the more I can visualize who He is, the more glad I am, and the more rest I feel. As the scriptures teach, He will come again. I want to get to know Him as well as I can now so that when He comes again, He won’t be a stranger to my mind and heart.

I’ve started watching The Chosen again to prepare for Season 3 that will come out this spring. (Did you get to see the bonus Christmas episode they created?) But it’s also a way for me to “come and see.” As I started Episode 1 over the weekend, I was reminded that those at The Chosen encourage us to read the Four Gospels, to go to the text to learn more of Jesus.

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