~by Michelle


Meet Zack,  a young Mormon boy who was able to raise money last year for people in need of wheelchairs — by selling lemonade and homemade cookies at his lemonade stand, “Zack’s Shack.”

This year, at the age of seven, “Zack’s back”! With his mom’s help, the word was spread on Facebook, and Zack was able to get more people to his lemonade stand. In two days he raised enough money to help ten more people receive wheelchairs.

I was especially moved by the letter Zack received from a boy in Quesan, Jordan that motivated Zack’s continued efforts. From the Mormon Times story:

“This is my special thanks for people in America in general and as a special one for you, my friend Zack,” said Abdulla Monsour Oudah, recipient of a wheelchair from LDS Charities. “I kiss your forehead [a supreme Arabic act of respect]. I am proud of you and what you did for me and for other people who need help. Since we are handicapped, we do not have what ordinary boys have, but we have a smart brain and willingness from our God to help us handle our problem to face life bravely.”

(Would that we could also all be as courageous and faith-filled as this young boy is!)

No wonder we are commanded to be as little children….

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