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Mormons Have Fun, Too

We often share a lot of the more serious side of our lives as Mormon women here on our website, but you need to know that Mormons have fun, too. Here are some random videos we found that show a little of the lighter side of...

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Mormons Do Celebrate Christmas!

We are regularly asked on our site about how and if Mormons celebrate certain holidays. We are getting many questions about if Mormons celebrate Christmas. The short answer is YES, Mormons celebrate Christmas! The birth of the...

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“I can’t. I’m Mormon.”

~by Michelle I read an article* tonight by a young man who wears a couple of T-shirts at school that get people asking him about his membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. One of the T-shirts says:...

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Poetry: “After the Funeral”

This poem was submitted by Erin and was originally published on Mormon Women in September 2008. We thought it fitting to include it during this week where we are celebrating those who have left a legacy by how they have lived...

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