This poem was submitted by Erin and was originally published on Mormon Women in September 2008. We thought it fitting to include it during this week where we are celebrating those who have left a legacy by how they have lived their lives.

Tears were unwelcome

at Grandpa’s funeral

harsh and cold like his body

with its Light put out

so we danced in the dew on the lawn by the farm house

Uncle played his truck radio

bright Music filled the night

as we held hands and sang

to the beat of the barefoot

and Uncle spun me in the air while my hair whipped back

Cars drove down the dirt road

Farmers stared as they reached

the town’s only stoplight

Shaking their heads thinking

Didn’t their dad just die and they’re dancing?

This was Grandfather’s life

Dancing, not weeping

All the limbs of his Family

breathing fast in the still air

Living for his Life- Dancing for his Death

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