Editor’s note: The explanations given in this article by Bob Lonsberry about “Mormon underwear” are simple, clear, and concise. (Although I could have done without the “idiot and a bigot” comment and the tone at the end.) Even as I type this, I’m reminded of Brenda’s post about Mormon garments, and how it can be a bit uncomfortable to be asked about our underwear. We hope that this simple explanation can help de-mystify the idea of Mormon temple garments. 

This radio host got a call asking, “What about Mitt Romney’s magic underwear?” The answer about how Mormon temple garments are not unlike many other religious garments worn by people of other faiths.

Mitt Romney’s Underwear

[R]eligions around the world have various types of religious garments. If you do the math, most believers on earth belong to a religion that commands its followers or leaders to wear religiously significant clothing.

Mormons are part of that majority.

And Mitt Romney is a Mormon.

And he lives his religion.

So, yes, Mitt Romney wears a religious garment, beneath his outer clothes. He does this for the same reason almost all religious clothing is worn – to remind the believer that he is a believer, and as a token of promises the believer has made to God.

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