Mormons are Christian and Celebrate Christmas

We are regularly asked on our site about how and if Mormons celebrate certain holidays. We are getting many questions about if Mormons celebrate Christmas. The short answer is YES, Mormons celebrate Christmas!

The birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ, was a sacred and holy event in the history of the world and of Christianity. We as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints worship the Savior, who is central to our beliefs. At Christmastime, we seek to have Him at the center of our celebrations as well. This was a theme in the recent First Presidency Christmas devotional. Each of the members of the First Presidency reminded us to keep our focus during the season on the Savior, and on being more like Him by trying to serve others.

Some may wonder how Mormons celebrate Christmas. This question was addressed in this post: Ask a Mormon Woman: How Do Mormons Celebrate Christmas? You can also read about what Mormons do (or don’t do) about Santa.

This year, Christmas falls on a Sunday, which for Mormons is our Sabbath. Tomorrow, we’ll share some of the comments that have recently been left about how different Mormon families keep an extra-special focus on the Savior when Christmas Day falls on Sunday.