Mormons in America - Pew survey on LDS life and belief

With Mitt Romney recently making some progress on the U.S. political front, the “Mormon Moment” seems to be continuing, and the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life has made a significant contribution to the conversation, with a groundbreaking survey that explores “Mormons in America.”

In fact, it was the concept of a “Mormon Moment” (the notion first created last summer by a Newsweek cover story and an article in the New York Times) that got the Pew Research Forum thinking about doing this research.

In the preface to the new survey on Mormonism, Luis Lugo of the Pew Research Forum explains:

Over the years, numerous polls have gauged public attitudes toward Mormons, who make up about 2 percent of all U.S. adults. But what do Mormons think about their place in American life? With the rising prominence of members of the LDS Church in politics, popular culture and the media, do Mormons feel more secure and accepted in American society? What do they think about other religions? What do they believe, how do they practice their faith and what do they see as essential to being a good Mormon and to leading a good life?

Lugo says that the “hope [is] that [the survey] will contribute to a broader public understanding of Mormons and Mormonism at a time of great interest in both.”

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During the next week or so, we’ll continue to focus more on this survey and Mormons’ thoughts on the “Mormon Moment” here at Mormon Women.