Mormon LDS Apostle Dallin H. Oaks

Mormon LDS Apostle Dallin H. Oaks #ElderOaks



Last night, my husband’s family gathered in the evening so the men and young men in the family could attend priesthood session of General Conference together. The women (and young boys) of the family enjoyed our tradition of a dinner cooked by Favorite Aunt Chris. We often will do a movie, but this time Chris had provided an activity for us all. It’s an awesome tradition that we all love.

When “the boys” got home from priesthood session, they ate and we all enjoyed some dessert and then many of us gathered around the television to watch the excitement of the Final Four game between Kentucky and Wisconsin. It was fun to be able to enjoy both spiritual stuff and some fun stuff together.

Now as I’m decompressing from the awesomeness that is General Conference and family traditions around Conference, I took a look at the trends on Twitter. A few minutes ago, six of the top ten Twitter trends (one of which is a promoted hashtag) had something to do with General Conference. #FinalFour was up there, too.

President Monson

And now, #ElderOaks and #priesthoodsession are bookending #finalfour.

Twitter reflects the two things that made up our day memorable!

Kinda fun.