This video is a great invitation to share the message of General Conference with others who may not know about it. The message of the gospel can impact “someone’s life for eternity” as President Uchtdorf said.

(And if you are not Mormon and are curious about our faith, watching General Conference or some of the social media hashtags could give you some glimpses of our faith and beliefs. #ldsconf is the main hashtag most people use, and, as outlined below, some are also using #inspiredby to share what has resonated with them personally.)

“Let’s make sharing our faith online more a part of our everyday lives.” -Elder Andersen

What are some specific things you can do?

-Retweet messages on Twitter or share messages on Facebook that link to the live General Conference feed. (This can be done by sharing tweets from @ldschurch or going to the Share section of the current General Conference page. Here’s all of the official @ldschurch sharing that has been done so far with the April 2014 General Conference.)

– Share General Conference highlights videos from the LDS General Conference YouTube channel or from General Conference highlights pages (this one is on the LDS youth website).

– Use the hashtag #inspiredby to share specific feelings about a message shared in General Conference.