hope in overcoming sexual addiction

Two of our most recent comments have been from people affected by addiction, and so this post is for them and for others who are silently struggling, wondering what to do.

Whether you are the one struggling yourself with addiction, or have a loved one who deals with addiction, please know that there is hope. Whatever the particular addiction (whether it be substances like drugs or alcohol or behaviors like pornography  use or video game addiction), know that you are not alone. Finding recovery communities to help you find information and support can make a big difference for you. Please know that there are many people working tirelessly to help you get more help, information, and support.

Following are just a few of the resources that are out there that we hope might help. (Please feel free to email us at mormonwomen a’ gmail for more specific information. We have a network of people who are willing to help you with your specific struggles, whatever they may be, and we are here to help you connect with those who can help.)

  • The Church’s Addiction Recovery program includes meetings for both those who are addicted and those who are afflicted by the addiction of a loved one. The free downloadable Addiction Recovery Program Guide is currently addressed more toward those in addiction, but the principles within can help those who have loved ones in addiction.
  • There is a workbook (not officially published by the Church but it is very consistent with LDS beliefs, including a multitude of quotes and scriptures from Church leaders, as well as excellent information about addiction and recovery). This manual is written more specifically for loved ones of those in addiction. It includes extensive information about the emotional impact of addiction on a loved one, and specific steps that one can take to find healing through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The manual is also free for download. You can find it at Healing Through Christ.
  • For the sister who is struggling with a husband with an online gaming addiction, we would highly recommend the Healing through Christ manual and seeking out a family support group through LDS Family Services or even an Al-Anon or another -Anon group. While the specific drugs of choice may vary, the dynamics of addiction and its effect on loved ones are similar and quite consistent across the board. As you reach out and associate with others who understand how his addiction affects you, you will come to see how you can find peace and healing from the pain you have experienced. It is real and there is hope! We also just found this thread on another site where people have shared some of their personal experiences with this challenge of a loved one with a gaming addiction.
  • For the sister working on recovery from her own sexual addiction, we encourage you to reach out to this woman who understands what you are facing. She might be able to help you with your question. (See more about her blog below.)
  • SA Lifeline has an excellent manual called Understanding Pornography and Sexual Addiction
  • Find a listing of many LDS blogs from people walking the path of addiction recovery, and of loved ones of those struggling with addiction at LDS Addiction Recovery Blogs.
  • We have a personal stories index here at Mormon Women of people sharing their experiences with pornography/sex addiction. Most stories are from loved ones of addicts (and given the audience of our site, most of them are from women).
  • Not yet added to that list is the blog written by an LDS woman who is in recovery from sexual addiction. Her name is Sidreis. Read her sexual addiction recovery blog here. She also recently shared her story at a blog called Rowboat and Marbles (that site has a lot of information, written by an LDS man in recovery from sexual addiction).
  • For wives of men struggling with sexual addiction, there is also a private forum where women can reach out for help and support in a community of other women who are walking this path. You can also find multiple resources and links at this site, LDS Recovery and Healing Resources.