Do you have a favorite Mother’s Day post? Please share it in the comments section below! Here are some posts on motherhood that we wanted to share.

Catherine has some thoughts for mothers who don’t feel like they are enough:

When You Think You Are Not Enough

I hear this from women. Often. I read it in your emails and comments. I hear it in our conversations, in the pitch of your voice. I draw it out of the lines on the screen and I understand. Because I say it too.

Read how Catherine’s personal experiences and challenges are helping her challenge the “not enough” feelings that are all too common among mothers.

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We missed the chance for a link-up, but we love the invitation they extended. It’s called Mother Letters. (Read more about how the idea started here.)

“If you had the opportunity to write your own Mother Letter to another mother, what would you say?” The idea is to share encouraging words for someone who might be struggling or needing some support in their mothering. Write your own Mother Letter, and mail it, or post it on your blog, or share it in the comments below.

And be sure to take a look at some of the Mother Letters that were written and linked at the bottom of the link-up post.

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Michelle (a different Michelle from Mormon Women’s Michelle!) captures beautifully the power of motherhood. Again, the topic of not letting those voices of “not enough” or “do more to prove your worth” are addressed:

Toppling the Queen

Ask the world, and my influence score is shockingly low.

But for my children and the people around me, I DO matter. And I can’t be toppled by those minions whispering, “you make a mess of everything!” “what is wrong with you?” “why do you even try?” In fact I’d very much like to be one of those women who when I get up in the morning the devil says, “Oh no! She’s awake again.”

My little chess mavens taught me the best way to defeat the queen is to distract her; create all kinds of chaos around her, then take her down. Our world could scarcely contain more distractions for women– beauty secrets, social networks, PTA, Pinterest– we are expected to hide our wrinkles, watch our weight, serve the community, maintain a career (at least a little something on the side), all while nurturing children, making dinner and cultivating a happy marriage.

We are all, each of us (mothers or wives or not) more powerful than we believe.

You’ll want to read the whole post. It’s so good. There is power in motherhood.

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Read Kathryn’s reflections on Mary, the mother of Jesus, and lessons we can learn from pondering her life:

Like Mary, the Mother of Jesus

To me, Mary is a sacred symbol, as well as spiritual evidence, to all of mankind, of the worth and dignity of the sacred calling of every woman, as a mother. As we study the life of Mary, the mother of the Savior of the world, the pattern of motherhood is clearly marked.

Read more about the several patterns Kathryn sees in Mary’s life.

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Rachel opens up and shares how Mother’s Day has been hard for her and for her mother.

Celebrating Mother’s Day may not always feel like a celebration, but a day of guilt, especially when we compare ourselves to other women. On Mother’s Day we’re reminded of all the things we should be doing, we hear how wonderful and “perfect” other mothers are, and we think how our lives and situations aren’t like those of the women around us.

Read what she and her mother did to try to have a different experience on Mother’s Day.

Turning the Pain of Mother’s Day into Joy

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