Happy Mother's Day 2012 videos and Mormon Women links

Happy Mother’s Day (to all who are where Mother’s Day is being celebrated today).

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A few posts we wish had been on our list yesterday include this one on overcoming discouragement from Stephanie. We’ll be sharing another one of her posts later this week.

You can find other posts about motherhood in the Mormon Women archives. (That’s the tag for motherhood, starting on page 2 of the archives (since right now the page 1 archives are accessible on our home page. Here’s more content under the tag Mormon motherhood.”)

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The best Mother’s Day gift a husband/father can give:

Teens pay tribute to their mothers:

We know that Mother’s Day is a tender day for many — for women who have lost children, for women who are not married, and for others who suffer from feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, and other pain. We hope some of the posts recently shared can help if you are feeling like you are “not enough.” We’ve shared a few posts in the past few days on that topic, and here’s a favorite video shared again. Also following are a couple of videos that touch on some of the other pain some women may feel on this day.

For mothers who have lost a child:

For women who do not currently have children of their own: