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Mormon woman convert shares testimony of Christ and His gospel

Al Fox joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 2009. She’s been sharing her journey of faith on her blog, “In the Head of Al Fox.” She recently celebrated two years as a Latter-day Saint, and shared a letter she wrote about her conversion to the Mormon Church.

How I became a convert really has quite an easy answer. It was the spirit. It was the spirit that the missionaries had with them every time we met. It was the spirit that I could see in their eyes and hearts when they would teach me, and it was the spirit that had prompted me to keep going, keep learning, keep praying and to keep being excited about it all.

Sometimes people ask about what Mormons can or can’t do, and sometimes our standards can be seen by some as restrictive. But I love how Al talks about how making changes for God, in faith, made overcoming previous habits do-able and meaningful.

I had tried to quit [my bad habits] before but it was unbearable and could not succeed. But this time was different. This time I was getting something in return. This time I had faith. This time I was starting to work on my salvation. This time I was starting my eternal journey. This time I knew I was going to become who was meant to be all along. And this time, I knew, I could continue to put my trust in the spirit and in the Lord.

The Spirit led her to make the choice to be baptized, and she describes the happiness she has felt since that day. She was, as she said, already a happy person, but the gospel brought something more into her life.

That morning [the morning she decided to be baptized] I was incredibly happy, a happiness I have never been before and didn’t even know existed. That happiness I had that morning has not gone away yet. Since then, and through my baptism, and through receiving the Holy Ghost, that happiness has only gotten stronger. Every day with all my energy I will testify that the Lord’s path is open to all those that are willing, and is the only eternal path to a never ending, overwhelming, indescribable happiness that continues to grow…..

As soon as I stepped out of the baptismal waters, I felt anxious more than anything else. Anxious to tell my story, anxious to talk about everything I learned, anxious to teach what I know from my experiences, anxious to motivate and inspire….

The phrase that comes to mind when I read her words and hear her talk is that she is “on fire.” Now, in addition to her blog, Al is sharing her story and her faith through videos. In the video (linked below) entitled “Never Alone,” she shares her testimony of the Savior, and of the happiness the gospel of Jesus Christ has brought into her life.

She’s also shared her testimony of The Book of Mormon at BookofMormonBelieve.com


al fox mormon woman shares testimony of Christ