I have enjoyed reading several posts written by Mormon women bloggers on Celebrate Family 2011. I have been amazed at the diversity of ideas and thoughts on The Family: A Proclamation To The World.

There were some excellent posts on the subject of creating a family mission statement.

From: “One Family And One Mission” by Jo

 This family created a mission statement and then made a family plaque using the acronym of “Family:”

F aithfully trusting Heavenly Father’s Plan and staying true;

A ttitude of love, gratitude, respect and learning;

M aking a team effort, pitching in, and cooperating;

I nvolvement with each other, having fun, and celebrating;

L  iving a healthy lifestyle, maintaining order and cleanliness;

Y esterday…today…our family is forever.

From: “Our Family Mission Statement” ” on Savor The Moment by Annie

Here is a small portion from this post.

“We will live to be worthy to go to the temple and to serve missions.

We eat healthy things to keep our bodies strong.

We Choose The Right! (CTR)

The following are posts on some other timely subjects on Celebrating The Family

 From Jamie;  “Children Are A Blessing”

Jamie home schools her children and her post discussed the importance of teaching her children about the law of chastity. She stated the followin; “We really love the fact that our children can come to us, we can teach them and we don’t have to re-teach things that have been “learned ” in a setting that is less than holy…..Something that is this sacred is something I want to teach my children.The church has put out a guideline that we are following to teach children about the sacred holiness of their bodies as well (“Parents Guide” as found here ). I have loved reading the inspired words as I teach my children some of the truths.

On another important subject entitled:   “Morally Clean Before Marriage: Happiness after,”  by Josh Snyder.

This was an excellent post on being morally clean before marriage and never sharing physical intimacies with someone outside of marriage. He offered the following challenge; “Whether you are reading these posts with mild curiosity, or with a critical eye, or as a sincere seeker of knowledge for enhancing your own circumstances; I invite you to support and encourage happiness in family life by promoting virtue and moral cleanliness within the bounds of marriage. Let the effort start within your own heart and mind and then encourage it in the lives of those around you.”

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