This great quote by L. Tom Perry was recently tweeted on P. Diddy’s Twitter account (@iamdiddy):

“One of the greatest weaknesses in most of us is our lack of faith in ourselves.” (From a talk, “Be the Best of Whatever You Are“)

P. Diddy quotes L. Tom Perry

For P. Diddy fans out there who may be wondering who L. Tom Perry is, see here for more information about him. Also, a recent post on our site gives a personal glimpse into the life of L. Tom Perry and his family. The Christmas essay was written by his son, Lee Tom Perry.

You’ll see that L. Tom Perry loves baseball and has a loving family.

L. Tom Perry opening pitch at Fenway 2004

He also has experienced difficult times…he lost his first wife in 1974 (and a daughter as well, when she was 33). They both died of cancer. The essay also shows how family traditions and the love in their family has helped them continue on in spite of these difficulties.

L. Tom Perry with wife and two of three children in 1972