by Julie Pettit

Mormon couple on a date

My husband and I love to have fun and we enjoy spending time together.  Over the last few months we were having a hard time getting out of the house, so we started instituting “home dates”. We have found that we can really stick with our goal of having a weekly date night when we only have to do a little bit of planning before hand – and not even leave the house!

For our home dates, we feed our children first, and then put them to bed a bit earlier than their usual bed time.  Sometimes we let them watch a movie upstairs before they jump into bed.  After the kids are upstairs and the house is tidied, it’s time for date night.  Sometimes we order take out, and sometimes we cook ourselves. Sometimes our dinners are nicer, and sometimes they’re pretty simple and basic.  What’s important is that we’re spending quality time together.

Not long ago we had soup and rolls for dinner, and I got out fancy dishes to make the night feel more special.  It was so nice to sit and eat together, focus on each other, have a great discussion and take our time!  After we split an ice cream bar for dessert, we played computer games for awhile before we sat down to watch a rented movie.  It was easy and simple, but we were together, enjoying each other, and having fun.