This topic of pornography use and addiction continues to be a common topic readers are searching on. Most of our searches about this topic are from wives who have husbands who are addicted to pornography.  Following are some resources we hope will be helpful.

We’ll soon be sharing some resources for parents who are looking for insight and ideas about how to help arm children against the problem of pornography that is so prevalent in our society.

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-We’ve updated our personal stories index of wives (or former wives) of men who have struggled with pornography addiction. (There are also a few stories from men (and women!) who talk about overcoming their own addictions to pornography.) Throughout the stories, you can find common threads that give some insight about how addiction works, how spouses can respond in healthy and appropriate (and loving) ways and get inspiration from God about what to do. (Many marriages have survived, even thrived in the face of this challenge. You’ll see that some, after much pondering and prayer, felt that divorce was the right option.)

Find also expressions of faith about how the Atonement of Jesus Christ can help both those who struggle with addiction and their loved ones each find their own healing, recovery, and peace. Please note that this healing and hope is possible even when a loved one chooses not to do “recovery work.”

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We’ve also updated our resources list specifically created with wives in mind at “How can I deal with my husband’s pornography addiction?” We’ll continue to add to this resources list. Please be sure to take some time to research about how addiction works. Combating Pornography, SA Lifeline, Out in the Light, and BYU Women’s Services are some good places to find general information on the topic of pornography addiction.

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The resources list includes an updated list of online forums for women who are wondering how other women have walked the path of recovery when their spouses have pornography addictions. (Note: Forums are shared as a resource, but it is advised to also seek support in a 12-step support group and/or with help from a professional therapist.)

– Heart t’ Heart – doesn’t appear to have a lot of active discussion at the moment, but has public archives of past discussions. For an LDS audience.

– Sara, one of the contributors in our first series about pornography addiction, moderates an online support group for wives of men with pornography/sex addictions. She says it is a place where women can get support and can sort through the struggles and ask questions from other women who have walked this difficult path. You can find that private (non-denominational) support group here.

– Hope and Healing for LDS Wives –  new, unofficial, private forum space for women to connect with other wives walking the path of recovery. Includes a growing repository of links to general resources and info, FAQs with responses from women facing this trial, spiritual insights and principles, and places just for talking about the struggle. (Started as a way to help readers of this site connect with women who have shared their stories, but is designed to help any woman in need of such support.)

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If you have walked this path, what resources, information, and recovery options have helped you?