How does a family deal with the tragic and sudden loss of two little girls (accidentally poisoned by pesticide)? Today the Toone family will bury these two little girls (ages 4 and 15 months). Watch the following video, or read this statement from the girls’ father, to see the strength Mormons receive from our knowledge of life after death, and of the plan of God for eternal family relationships. See also the power of forgiving hearts as the family explains that they hold no anger toward the exterminator who likely caused their deaths.

“…we rejoice in our conviction that our family is bound by eternal ties that cannot be severed by death…. Our great hope is that reflection on the lives of Rebecca and Rachel will spur all of us – those close to us and those unknown – to consider more fully the eternal plan that a loving God has for each of His children. Many have questioned, ‘How can they bear it? How can they go on?’ We testify that the atoning sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ, is sufficient to overcome our deepest sorrows and heaviest burdens. When our strength is depleted, we are certain that He will shoulder the weight of our sadness. Saturday’s services will reinforce this faith, and we invite all to participate in what is sure to be a spiritually-uplifting and life-affirming day.”

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