~by Julie Pettit

When my littlest one turned eight months old, she found a new tool to help herself drift off to sleep.  As I rocked her in my arms, she would sing-hum an almost meditative “om.”  Often it started as an “ahhhh” that lasted for a few seconds before she ended with a louder, punching “AH!”  Then she would take a breath and start over.  Sometimes she would just hum the /m/ sound.

One January morning I rocked her before her first nap. Her eyes started looking towards her forehead, her eyelids took longer blinks, and she started her meditative song.

“ahhhhhhh…..AH.   ahhhh……AH.”

Her head was nestled in one of her favorite places, my left armpit.  I lifted my elbow to bring her ear closer to my lips.

“ahhhh….” I chanted with her.

She switched to “mmmmm…”

I followed.

I giggled a bit.  A not-yet-toddler not-baby and mother, seemingly meditating together.


While we were humming, I remembered  the word ‘namaste’ from my days doing yoga at the local gym.

Namaste: I honor the divine in you.

We took a breath together, and continued.


– – – –

It is easy to think of tiny newborns as having more of the divine and less of the world.  More spirit, less earth.  And then they grow, teethe, wake often through the night, make their will known with loud screams.  The divine seems further away.  The newborns become infants become toddlers become preschoolers; and by then, well, if I get a 30-second glimpse of the divine in my child each day it sometimes feels like a miracle.

– – – –

My baby’s body relaxed a bit more.  Her song got quieter.



– – – –

Divine Nature.  It’s a value we teach our Young Women, and encourage them to honor that sacred piece of themselves.  But outside of that setting, do I often think about the idea? The truth behind it?

We are actual children of God the Father.  He is our King, and therefore, we are Divine.

I am divine, as are you, and each of my children.

Yes, my children need my help learning to count, read,color in the lines, and put their shoes away when they come in the house.  But how am I allowing the Holy Spirit to guide me in nurturing the divine in my children, and to honor daily that heavenly part of them?

– – – –

Her song became quiet, her breathing slow.  I rose from the rocker, placed her in the crib, and then leaned over and whispered in her ear.



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