Mormon Blogger Gets the Trip of a Lifetime–Mormon woman Amber Borowski Johnson won a contest selecting her as one of two bloggers to follow the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.

Two Mormon Brothers-in-Law Carry Olympic Torch  — Read about what inspired these men to apply to be torchbearers.

Two Mormon Men Assist with “Extreme Makeovers” — Here’s another story of two brothers working to do some good.

Wondering what the inside of an LDS temple looks like? Live near Langley (Vancouver British Columbia)? — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints always holds an open house before the dedication of a new temple. The temple in Langley (the first in British Columbia) will be open for visitors in April. News stories are already talking about the opportunity, here and here. More information on our site about temples can be found here.

More About HaitiThis story isn’t just about Mormons, but about the outpouring of love that has been seen in Haiti as people from all over the world, from all walks of life, from myriad religious backgrounds or no religion at all, have come together to try to help. In the wake of a sobering tragedy, it has been inspiring to see that compassion shown by so many, for so many. Michael Otterson writes:

Despite many differences, everyone at the heart of these operations wants to do what is best for the people in Haiti. There is no other motivation than love and care for their Haitian brothers and sisters. This is pure religion in its simplest and most important form.