We are excited about a new feature here at Mormon Women. Our Ask a Mormon Woman feature will now be on Mondays, and on Fridays, we will have what we are calling, simply, Family Friday.

In this feature, we will see photos and hear stories (and maybe even have some videos) that capture the day-to-day stuff of family life, the moments that keep us laughing, the deeply-rooted traditions that bind generations together, the new traditions we are experimenting with, and much more. Come enjoy and share ideas about family parties, family reunions, family nights, family memory-making, and other family fun. Reflect with us on all that family life entails, from celebrating birth to dealing with death, from the heartwarming to the heartrending.

So, beginning today, we invite you to come and focus on family life with us. And please join in and share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences in the comments. As always, submissions are also welcome. Send at gmail to ‘mormonwoman’ and include ‘Family Friday’ in the subject line.