By: Jewel

“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” – Desmond Tutu

A friend of mine commented that my personal blog doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of photos to go with stories of my kids. It’s true. Kind of a conscious decision on my part to not put them up on display, I guess.

I mean…they do some really cute things, like the other day, I was putting something in the laundry sorter and I heard a step behind me which I assumed was my husband’s. So I say, to continue a discussion we had earlier, “Do you think someone scared of a lot of things is wimpy or just has an overactive imagination?” And I hear a “Huh?” from my son.

I could go on and on and on.

But toddler-cute is different than teen-cute. Somehow, it feels invasive of their privacy to quote them to strangers. Thus I have become more circumspect about them.

That said, here is a photo and account I would like to share with anyone who will care to listen. Because as proud as I am of my writings or achievements from my halcyon days and not-so-halcyon days, what I am most proud of is this:

Mormon Family

This family photo was taken November first. The warm sheen comes from the setting sun and the happy occasion.

That day, my son (who just turned 12) was ordained a deacon in our LDS church ward (congregation). Just look at how he is soon going to surpass us (okay, me) in height. I took him shopping for shoes the other day yet again; he outgrows them every two months. Big shoes to match his big heart.

That day, my little one in the middle pouted because I told her to please change back into her dress for a family picture. I could just kiss her all day; that’s her privilege as the youngest. And she knows it.

That day, my oldest daughter received her Young Women (church) medallion [young women ages 12-18 work on goals and projects in various areas of focus to receive this recognition]. She is down-to-earth, works hard but enjoys life, and tries to do the right thing. How did she get this way at 14? I sure wasn’t at that age.

That day – story of our life – my husband watched patiently while I flitted around like a butterfly. He knows better than to catch me in his fist. He gives generously and I bask in the warmth of his love and acceptance.

Pardon my gushing but my heart is full.

Editor’s note: Jewel is an LDS wife, mother and freelance journalist who also enjoys blogging.


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