Editor’s note: We received this submission from Sheri Jenkins. Thank you, Sheri, for sharing what is helping you in your scripture study and reflection on trying to be more like Jesus Christ.


Dear Sisters,

I would like to share with you an experience I had this week while attending my religion class as part of my Pathway program. Earlier in the semester we were asked to look within ourselves and identify a Christlike attribute that we would like to develop. Throughout the semester we have been doing projects and activities to assist our growth toward that attribute. Each week a new study skill is taught so that we are able to more fully understand and recognize the teachings of the scriptures, and utilize them in our lives along with our desired attribute.

This week however a study skill of Visualization was presented in our class to help us in our scripture study. We were asked to not only “visualize” while studying the scriptures this week, but also to recognize the influence of our selected attribute in the reading. From there we were asked to “visualize” ourselves within the scriptures, demonstrating our attribute, and visualize experiences we might have and our projected actions.

Next, we were asked to create a story board using pictures and scriptures that identify our attribute and our individual growth and feelings as we have seen ourselves act, and react, with our acquired attribute.

This process has been such a spiritual experience for me, and one that I will continue to use as I study the scriptures and try to grow and become a better Disciple of Christ.

I hope that you can find this helpful as they try to incorporate the scriptures into their lives, and teach their families of the Savior and his divine attributes.