Editor’s note: I know Mother’s Day has already come and gone, but I heard one of the best Mother’s Day talks this year — from a nine-year old boy named Shay. I asked him if he would be willing to share his talk here. He graciously agreed. Thanks, Shay! ~Michelle

Jesus Christ loves children

Hi Everybody. My name is Shay Thurston. I’ve been asked to give a talk today about moms and I want to talk about how moms are like Jesus.

I Believe That “Mothers Do the Work of Jesus”

In 3rd Nephi, after the three days of darkness when Jesus died, the people heard a still small voice speaking to them. It told them many things. One thing was: “O ye people of these great cities which have fallen, how oft have I gathered you as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and have nourished you.”

This is Jesus speaking to the Nephites. He compares himself to a hen, which is a female chicken. Not just any female chicken, but a mother chicken. It is easy to picture a mother hen gathering her little chicks under her wings. It’s also easy to picture Jesus gathering us around him.

Jesus says that he has nourished us. The word nourish means: to feed or to keep healthy, or to nurture and strengthen.

I believe that mothers nourish us in many ways.

Do all Mormon mothers stay at home with their children?

They nourish our bodies by creating a body for us as babies. They feed us as we grow older and they take care of our bodies when we are sick. Moms help us exercise by going on bike rides and walks with us. Jesus nourishes our bodies by creating a world for us with food to eat.

Mothers nourish our minds by protecting us from the bad and evil things in the world. They make sure that the things we read and see and hear are good for us. They also nourish our minds by helping us finish projects and understand our homework for school.


When we are little, Moms teach us to walk and talk, then they teach us to read and pray. Moms also teach us how to work hard and how to have fun playing when we are done working. Jesus nourishes our minds by giving us commandments that make us smart and happy.

Mothers nourish our souls by giving us someone to love. It would be a very unloving life without a mom. Moms teach us *how* to love. They show us love through hugs, being kind, spending time with us and by doing lots of things for us.


Moms take us to new places and show us beautiful things in our world. Most importantly, mothers teach us how to Choose the Right. They teach us the Gospel of Jesus Christ as they read the Book of Mormon with us. Jesus nourishes our souls by giving us forgiveness through the Atonement.

I believe that Heavenly Father gave us moms to nourish our bodies, our minds, and our souls. My mom helps me learn and grow by teaching me how to cook food, because this is something I like to do. Together we make clam chowder, pizza dough, cookies and lots of other things.

My mom also pauses our scripture study every few verses to explain what is going on. She lets my sister and me ask questions. I really like this because I feel like I understand more about the story we’re reading.

Once, when we were talking about repentance during scripture study, I felt the spirit deep in my heart. My eyes got teary and my heart was beating fast. I volunteered to say the prayer and said one of the best prayers of my life.


When I was done with the prayer, the tears were gone and I felt all shiny and smiley and wonderful. Moms can help us feel the Spirit.

I have a testimony that Moms do the same work as Jesus. They love us and care about us, even when we do the wrong thing. They forgive us when we hurt them. They are happy and cheer for us when we do the right things. I know that Heavenly Father sent me to just the right mom for me. I am so glad we have mothers.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.