For years I have watched people discuss women in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have heard people talk unceasingly about Mormon women and priesthood. And I have ached for people to see that — as critical as priesthood keys and authority are to the message we proclaim to the world and to the functioning of the Savior’s church — priesthood ordination is not the only determinant of leadership, influence, or inspiration.

In fact, the power that flows through and from being set apart for callings under those who hold priesthood keys is evident in the leadership of women at all levels in the Church.

That power was shown again in an announcement that was made this week about visionary changes that continue to happen about how to meet the needs of women and young women in the Church.

You can read more about those changes in this Mormon Newsroom article, which include international board members for the Young Women leadership, and online training for auxiliary organizations that will be available for Mormon women worldwide.

One of the things that is reiterated in this article is that in the Church of Jesus Christ, the council system is at the heart of how decisions are made. Decisions are also made carefully, patiently, and deliberately. I’ve witnessed these patterns for decades now, and it thrills me to see the continued fruits of such inspired processes. Again, through these processes the power of God is channeled and divine guidance unfolds.

Lastly, I love the celebration of the energy and potential of children and the realization that even at young ages our girls have something to bring to the Lord’s work. Where else in the world can you see such unified, focused efforts to channel and combine the gifts and power of girls, young women, and women all at once? I am excited about the first semiannual women’s meeting that will be held on March 29 — made available through technology to Mormon girls and women throughout the world.

Yes, I love being a Mormon woman.