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8 Points to Consider: The Authenticity of the Bible is a Patheos podcast (I Believe) hosted by Karen Trifiletti. She is hosting has an upcoming series on the authenticity of the Bible, with insights from author, amateur scholar, and Bible enthusiast, DM Johnson.

Here are some text snippets from the podcast. You can listen to the entire overview/intro podcast here:

DM Johnson: “I tend to be a guy that goes off of evidence. I believe that faith isn’t believing where there’s no evidence; I think it’s believing where there is evidence and putting our trust in that direction. I’ve always thought it’s interesting that generations ago we only had a few sources from which to get our information. But now, in the internet age, anybody can publish anything. So it’s really hard for somebody to sift through evidence for different matters. You have all of these different conspiracies and different things. When you start getting into issues around something like the historicity of Jesus Christ or the Bible, I just thought it would be fun to actually weigh that evidence and go through it.”

In this overview podcast, DM Johnson sets the stage for eight different types of evidence for the veracity of the Bible.

1. Extra-biblical evidence
2. Manuscript evidence
3. Archaeology
4. The historical method
5. Gospels are based on eyewitnesses
6. Evidence pointing to the resurrection
7. Undesigned coincidences of the Bible
8. Prophecies about Jesus

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