Mormon woman conversion story - The English Rose

This is a powerful video created by Charlotte Rose — an English convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Charlotte was living a life of endless partying, without direction or understanding of her purpose in life. She reached a point where the hollowness of such a life left her wanting wanted to end her life.

Hear how observing a Mormon colleague, attending Mormon church meetings, and reading the Book of Mormon changed her life. Hear how she was able to distinguish truth and sort through the many voices around her (and online) to understand what God’s voice felt like.

Charlotte has been called to serve as a full-time missionary, but I think her mission has already begun through this video.

God is real. He answers prayers. His voice can be heard and recognized. And when His guidance is followed, the fruits are real. The Book of Mormon is a God-given gift to help us find and hear His truth. (One of my favorite parts of her story was her mom’s response when Charlotte was considering throwing the Book of Mormon away after reading things online that confused her.)

I also can not hold back tears when I see young people opening their mission calls.

God bless you, Charlotte. Thank you for your faith and for taking the time to share it.