I believe podcast

Karen, a “Mormon” woman (member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) has created a podcast series to both share her personal story of her 25-year journey of faith, and to reflect more generally on questions and topics related to faith. The podcast series can be found at IBelievePodcast.com and at Facebook. The podcast is for “all interested truth-seekers–agnostics, religiously unaffiliated, spiritual but not religious, and friends of all faiths.”

Topics that will be addressed through podcasts include “spotlights on the very conception of truth, drawing from the Word of God and it’s reliability; insights on Christian living; scriptural devotionals; holiday messages; special features on navigating the challenges of our culture; womanhood; the meaning of life; God’s eternal Plan of Happiness; the Restoration of the Savior’s Church to the earth; Press Plaza (lay responses to select news items); interviews, and more.”

Here is a brief glimpse of some of Karen’s own story.

You can listen to subsequent videos here:

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I Believe Podcast: Karen’s Story, Part 4 Coming to Know God

Find interviews and more podcast videos and video shorts at the I Believe podcast website or Facebook page. You can also follow the podcast on Twitter.