Jesus Christ is a God of miracles

~by Michelle

As part of our Family Home Evening, I asked my children (all tween/teen ages) what one thing they would want to share about the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is what they said.

The fact that there are three separate Beings in the Godhead.

He loves us with more love than any other human or any other being can give. Even though He loves us all individually, it doesn’t exclude anyone. It’s not a competition.

When we have trials it doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love us. He’s helping our faith. He doesn’t just give us trials, He’s walking with us and helping us through.

God does speak through angels. Some people may think that we are strange to say Joseph Smith had angels come, but it’s true. It’s just one of the ways that God talks to us. If something is really important to Him, I think He’ll send an angel. This truth also ties to the New Testament and the Old Testament. For example, Peter, James and John came back, and Elijah, and John the Baptist.