Jesus Christ teaching the people Sermon on the Mount

As a mother of tweens/teens, I have been (and will be) doing some of my personal scripture study using “Come, Follow Me” — the new youth learning materials from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The purpose of this new curriculum is to invite youth to become more involved in the learning process, and to help them discover and apply gospel truths in ways that can help them feel God’s involvement in their lives — and help them become converted to Jesus Christ.

The more I considered what the youth will be learning, the more I wanted to commit this year to learning along with my children — because the truths they are discussing are the most important, sublime truths that have been revealed through ancient and modern prophets. And, of course, because I hope to be able to engage in discussion through the year with them about what they are studying, learning, discussing, and applying.

My goal here at Mormon Women is to highlight and share principles, teachings, scriptures, and videos from the “Come, Follow Me” curriculum, because I think the curriculum captures well what Mormons believe.

We invite you to study along with us this year.

Following are some of the introductory videos that present some of the principles of learning that this new curriculum seeks to apply — principles that are powerful for any of us wanting to understand truth more fully and to be changed by it.

As the Savior said, “If any man will do His will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God or whether I speak of myself.” -John 7:17