Today is a day of Easter links. Please feel free to share, in the comments section, any Easter content you have from your blog, or a link to something that you have found inspirational this week. (p.s. We’ll not be using Linky after all.)

First, here is more poetry from our Mormon Women contributor, Sue:

He Walked Alone

The Miracle of Easter (A Child’s Story)

Living Water: Cleansing the Disciples

…and from another LDS woman, “Mormon Soprano.”

My Easter Story

For more Easter music, see the following:

More from Sally DeFord:

Free music focusing on Christ, Easter, Atonement

On BYU-TV this weekend (Saturday at 11:00 p.m. MDT at or on the BYU-TV channel), enjoy a glorious Easter performance of Lex de Azevedo’s Hosanna: “Experience Lex de Azevedo’s wonderful, powerfully moving Easter concert from the comfort of your living room. George Dyer, Jenny Oaks Baker, Greg Pearson, Kathryn Laycock Little, Millennium Concert Choir and Millennium Chorus.”

As for Easter posts, there are simply too many we’d like to include here. Here are a few we’ve found this week:

I wish we’d seen this one earlier, but you’ll love learning more about the ancient significance of using palms on Palm Sunday in this post by Jocelyn. Reflect on what “palms”you might be willing to lay down to worship Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ:

Palms for the Lord: My Talk on Worshiping God

In fact, you may just want to linger at Jocelyn’s blog because she hosted an Easter blogging celebration, where several bloggers shared ideas and reflections for weeks in preparation for Easter. (Like I said earlier, I wish we’d known earlier!)

Here’s a post about Good Friday (albeit a day late); be sure to watch the videos.

Friday: Good Friday

And finally, enjoy this post by Darla Isackson.

Spiritually Preparing for Easter