new mormon website on homosexuality

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints just launched a new website at — a “collection of conversations; conversations with Church leaders, conversations with Church members who are attracted to people of the same sex, and conversations with the loved ones of gay spouses, children, or grandchildren who are dealing with the effects of same-sex attraction in their own lives.”


This website includes a combination of senior Church leaders (apostles) whose perspectives help explain the Church’s official position on homosexuality. Also included are personal experiences from individual Mormons — not representing Mormon doctrine on the subject, but candidly their own perspectives and experiences with relation to this topic.

Is the Church’s stand on homosexuality changing? 

The website explains what is and isn’t changing with respect to the topic of homosexuality.

The Church’s approach to this issue stands apart from society in many ways. And that’s alright. Reasonable people can and do differ. From a public relations perspective it would be easier for the Church to simply accept homosexual behavior. That we cannot do, for God’s law is not ours to change. There is no change in the Church’s position of what is morally right. But what is changing — and what needs to change — is to help Church members respond sensitively and thoughtfully when they encounter same-sex attraction in their own families, among other Church members, or elsewhere.

The website addresses various topics, such as the following:

Our Common Humanity 

Love One Another – the Great Christian Imperative

Being True to Religious Beliefs

An Eternal Perspective


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