– by Jenny

There are times that we get so absorbed in life, in current situations, that it is hard to have perspective. It is hard to remember that God loves us, that there is a plan, that everything will be OK. And when I say, ‘everything will be OK,’ I don’t mean it in a “Pollyanna”-like way. I mean that really horrid things happen, but with the help of God it can all be overcome, it can be healed and in the end we can survive it triumphantly.

Yesterday I went to the temple with an older couple in our congregation. Two years ago their adult son committed suicide. It was one of those really horrid things that happen. I saw in the temple how something like this can be overcome.

shortsighted (watermarked)

Their son’s life was filled with trial and his bodily imperfections made it even more difficult. In the temple, through proxy ordinances he was promised blessings now as if he had been born in a good and righteous family from the very beginning of his life. I felt hope that his healing is taking place in heaven, that he is sorting through what happened to him; looking forward to the resurrection when his body will help him, instead of hinder his eternal progression. The sins of others, that impacted him so greatly, are being lifted off of him through the power of the atonement of Christ

What this meant to his mother and adoptive father yesterday was renewal. They have spent the last two years missing and mourning their son, afraid of what awaited him in heaven because of the mistakes in his life. And even doubting themselves because they couldn’t pull him away from the demons that haunted him. They now have the hope that he can heal, move forward and be happy in heaven. And most of all, to know that their family can be healed, to be together in joy forever.

This life is but a moment, a teaching pause in the grand scheme of eternity. Sometimes we let life become too real, we forget that we are more than this moment. Our vision is shortsighted, seeing only what is obvious between birth and death. Instead we must keep an eternal focus to live our best life, to remember that our choices here build our eternity. This is the plan of God, to learn and progress, to return to him as his precious children to enjoy eternity.