As you have seen, we are trying to include a link to an article or talk (or video or other medium) that readers can review and reflect on. We have many articles we would like to share, but we also want to hear from you. Help us build up a collection of links to inspirational content that we can add to our library and include in our weekly Review, Reflect and Return feature.

One purpose of this site is to try to be a resource to find good, uplifting, faith-inspiring, good-inspiring content on the internet.

The article/talk/blog post does not have to be Mormon content per se, but we do like content to come from sites that are consistent with our mission here at Mormon Women, so we might give the site a look before approving a link.

There is so much good out there that can help us be, think, and do good. Please let us know what has impacted you recently. Since we can’t all be everywhere, we can help each other find the cream of the content…and maybe even help each other reduce the time we spend on more mindless material.

And, by the way, we are against some good humor, either!

When you submit the link/title, please give us a brief description of the work and why or how it inspired you. What about it makes it worth passing along.

Include your link in the comment section below, or simply send an email to ‘mormonwoman’ AT ‘gmail’ DOT ‘com’

Feel free to send questions or suggestions as well. We are constantly considering how we can improve this site.

And speaking of questions, if you have questions you think would be fun to include in this weekly question feature, send those along, too!

Happy last week of February! (Can you believe it?)