Latter-day Saint woman writes about creation and art

Sue wrote a wonderful post over at her blog. Wanted to give it (and her) a shoutout.

Have you ever found yourself stuck in this trap Sue describes?

I have a nasty habit when I’m busy or preoccupied of going on automatic pilot and running myself right out of gas. What’s worse, I never seem to notice the problem until I’m on dead empty…or maybe a little beyond. The signs are always the same: low energy, pesky little health issues, loss of enthusiasm, spiritual lethargy, and a kind of overeating but undernourishing that fails to satisfy. I’m sorry to say that I generally don’t slow down and stop for a refill until I literally have no other choice. (Being still has never been my strong suit.) And being stuck is a poor substitute.

For most of us, being stuck is a failure of imagination…and staying stuck is offering that failure a chair. “Come on in and sit a spell,” our passive selves beckon….

If you have (and I suspect most of us have), I think you’ll enjoy Sue’s thoughts on what helps pull her out of the stuck-ness to once again be still and feel God’s grace in her life.