woman with an issue of blood

Editor’s note: After reading Sue’s post last night, I stumbled onto this post by another Mormon woman” The Women with the Issue of Blood.” She has a blog, called Handmaidens of the Lord, where she shares insights from stories of women in the Old and New Testaments. Her subtitle for her blog says this: “This Blog is Dedicated to all of the Faithful Women in the Scriptures. My Mentors, my Heroines, my Friends.”

Here are a few reflections on the story of the woman with the issue of blood. Again, I’m left asking myself, “How can I reach out to the Savior more in my life in faith for help and healing and strength and comfort?”

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~by Patty

I love this beautiful story and this woman of great faith. In fact her example challenges me to develop my own faith more fully. When she went to see the Savior that day, she completely expected to be healed. She was determined, unwavering and resolute.

Her story makes me evaluate my own relationship with Jesus Christ. When I come to Him with my “issues”, do I fully expect for something to happen? Or do I just think He is there listening and will eventually get around to my problems when He can?
This story teaches me that our Lord does care about us individually and knows our deepest concerns. Even though many others were calling out to Him that day, He stopped and acknowledged this woman. If fact, He called her “Daughter” so that she understood, she was a member of His family.  
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What are ways reaching out to the Savior has helped you in your life?
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