Editor’s note : This was supposed to go up yesterday but we had some technical problems (read: my computer was not working!). The benefit of posting the day after Valentine’s Day is that we get the benefit of recent posts from yesterday, such as this one from Emily over at the Deseret News, which has a lot of fun idea links, and also a reminder about the great video posted below.

It wouldn’t really be Valentine’s Day [or now, the day after!] at a Mormon website without some Mormon posts about love, so here are some links (and a video) to enjoy:


Mormon in America — a Modern Love story

marriage is all about family

A Love Story by Thomas S. Monson

A young widow’s reflection on her eternal love (Valentine’s Day was the one-year anniversary of his death)

Marriage musings

Mawwaige. Mawwaige is what bwings us togeveh today

Living Your Love Story

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

Love Poetry

Love One Another: Musical Message

Celebrate Love


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