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My parents are both converts to The Church Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As a young and recently baptized married couple in Brazil, one of their biggest dreams was to establish their family in the “Estados Unidos” (USA), more specifically Utah, to be closer to the large body of unified saints there. What they wanted more than anything was to raise their children on high moral ground. This fact, is something they have always been proud of, “our family legacy,” as my dad always says.

So they stood in long lines, filled out many forms, and waited…and waited…for six years. Then one day their request for permanent resident status was approved. That’s when our family (I was six at the time) moved. My dad jokingly recalls, “with four pieces of luggage and eight hundred dollars.”

Through hard work, and sheer grit, I saw my immigrant family struggle to survive. We worked as janitors, we delivered news papers, we worked odd construction jobs. I don’t think I ever saw my parents sleep. But I always saw them on their knees in prayer.

Now looking back at the upbringing they were able to secure for their children, the freedom from corruption and oppression they were able to give us, the opportunity every single one of us was able to access…their struggle was worth it.

This event happening on Tuesday is actually more than just a rally for marriage…to me at least. This event is about gratitude, and exertion of liberty. This event is the opportunity to stand as a collective body of saints for what matters most -our faith, our family, and our freedom.

That’s what brings me to you now. I wanted to share my story and why I want to personally go. It’s because my parents fought for me to have this very opportunity.  I remember waking up at 4:00 am and folding newspapers with my mom and dad. It’s for them that I’m going to this rally. It’s for the sacrifices they made to give me what I enjoy today. It’s for their marriage, the mutual covenant made between each other and God Almighty. It’s for their belief that the “Estados Unidos” is truly a place where if good men dwell, they will be free. It’s for Utah, the ‘city set high on the hill’, built from the ground up… out of nothing.

The very existence of my state was founded upon the backs of those who have gone before us. Courageous men, women, and children — families — that collectively gave their all for what we currently enjoy today. This is the legacy of Utah.

I want to stand with the large group of strong and courageous sons and daughters of those fathers and mothers that are counting on us to continue their legacy. I want to support this event with my presence.

-Carolina Sagebin Allen

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