There are a lot of blogs out there written by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (“Mormons”), and we hope to share a few of them here. This blog, “Particles of Faith” includes personal stories and insights from several Latter-day Saint women. What we like about these posts is how they capture some of the simple ways they have felt and seen God’s hand in their lives, and simple ways that our faith as Mormon women impacts our lives.

For example, read about a young Mormon couple’s process of making hard decisions about their education and job situation.

Or read about how a broken washing machine actually ended up being a blessing.

This short post reflects on the Biblical story of Mary and Martha.

And this post shares a realization a Mormon woman had about the Savior, Jesus Christ, as she prepared a visiting teaching message.

And this beautiful post testifies of specific ways this woman felt God was aware of her needs.

Take a wander. There are a lot of great posts on Particles of Faith.