The Church has a new website on overcoming pornography addiction. The site, called Combating Pornography, includes resources for those who struggle with pornography addictions (including a special section for youth who may be addicted), as well as for spouses, parents, and leaders of those with addictions. If you or someone you love has a pornography addiction (or you may suspect that is the case), this site has a lot of helpful information.

There is also an Addiction Recovery Program that the Church provides. It is a 12-step addiction recovery program, very similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, but (with permission) adapted to include LDS principles and beliefs about God and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The Addiction Recovery study guide can be a helpful resource, and information about free and confidential addiction recovery group meetings which are provided in many areas of the world. You can also contact LDS Family Services in your area for more information about this program.

The Guide is also available in audio format and in several other languages besides English.

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There was a series about addiction a couple of months ago that caught our eye. We admire the courage of people who have shared first-person accounts of their struggles with addictions.

Light it Up (about the struggle with a cigarette addiction)

The Refiner’s Fire (about the struggle with binge eating)

Things I’ve Learned the Hard Way (one woman’s perspective as the spouse of someone with a pornography addiction)

Confessions of an Addict (a woman talks about both her husband’s pornography addiction — and her own, via romance novels)

Healing Through the Atonement (one man’s journey to overcome a pornography addiction)

Jagged Little Pill (a woman’s struggle with prescription drug addiction)

We also had a post here a while back from a Mormon woman who struggled with and overcame her pornography addiction.