“What makes a mother? Is it a role or is it a response?”

“I think we all have that mothering instinct; and we desperately need each other, especially as women.” – Dr. Liz Hale, clinical psychologist.

The challenge for Day 2 of the “Motherhood Matters” campaign is summarized below:

Recognize there are all kinds of mothers – those that work, those who stay-at-home [sic], single mothers, and women who have never given birth. Be aware of how often you judge other women, and practice recognizing the worth of all kinds of mothers.

The quote for the day was from Oprah Winfrey: “Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.”

Those who have adopted children could attest to the reality of this statement, as well as those of us who have women in our lives whom we call our “second moms” or who have a motherly role in our lives. (Oh, how I love the women who have walked my stage of life before and can offer me support, love, and insight!)

I stumbled on this post on the Christian site “Women of Faith” the other day, and think it’s fitting for Day 2’s topic: Other Mothers.

You may be a woman who needs an Other Mother. You might be a woman with Other Mothering to give. Truth is, you’re probably both. I hope you will seek out the Other Mothers you need and give Other Mothering liberally to the girls [and I would add boys] coming up the path behind you.

As a woman of faith myself, I think this concept of mothering others is a legacy that Mother Eve left for us. It hit me a few years ago when I was pondering her title as the “mother of all living” that I needed to adopt the same title, and seek to have a mother heart toward all those who cross my path — particularly children. I remember Eve when a neighborhood child knocks on my door for the umpteenth time. Or when a child is sitting in a grocery cart behind me in line. Or when someone does something that I let get under my skin.

Who has been or is a mother figure in your life? When have you felt that blessing of being able to nurture those who are not your own flesh and blood, or not part of your immediate family? What helps you have a mother heart toward others who cross your path?

Video Courtesy of KSL.com