~by Michelle

The video above shows highlights from the 2010 General Young Women Meeting, including counsel from general (world) Church leaders and thoughts from Mormon young women.

The General Young Women Meeting is held every year at the end of March. Young women around the world gather to receive instruction from the general leaders of the Young Women program, as well as a member of the First Presidency. (Find broadcast information for the General Young Women Meeting.) These leaders teach in ways that reflect their love for the youth, their concern for the young people’s well-being, and their knowledge of the kinds of challenges the youth face. They teach truths that make a significant difference in the lives of youth (and their parents and leaders) when they are lived.

I’m excited that next year, I get to begin going to these meetings with my daughter!

I’ve enjoyed sharing messages from these meetings with my children. This video from last year’s General Young Women Meeting, called Be Strong: I Know Who I Am, is a favorite. The music moves me to the core. There is nothing I want more for my children than for them to have the peace and strength that comes from knowing who they are: beloved children of God.