Editor’s note: We are delighted to welcome Marsha as the newest member of the Mormon Women staff. She had previously shared a couple of her poems here at our site. We look forward to hearing more from her over the coming weeks and months. Marsha has the following to say about herself.

Portraits of Mormon Women: Marsha

I am complicated, enjoy depth far more than the benign, love to dance with words, and am far more comfortable one-on-one than in groups.

My dreams are faintly painted in colors of crimson suns. They travel to. . .well. . . just about everywhere. . .and cover a life etched in experiences shared and indulged in through both the physical and the imagined.

If it can be called an ‘art,’ I am interested. I wear somewhat comfortably the designation of ‘Jill of all trades, master of nothing’. I write some, dance some, sing some and paint some, and meander a lot. “Tennesse Williams…..I come to you slowly but with love,” is an excellent summation as well of my personality and leanings. I suppose there are more questions than there are answers, and that suits me fine, for my favorite one of all is, “Why?”

The soft places in my armour are an inability to spell, a penchant for being too serious, the brush of adventure that keeps me continually seeking what is beyond the box, and a definite lack of talent in anything that requires hand-eye coordination. Balls and I simply do not get along well.

I’m a life-coach and music teacher. Life continually surprises me, and there is little I don’t find forgivable except dishonesty. I adore my four chilren, my three (almost) grandchildren, and my husband and family beyond the words I possess to describe. I am devoted to my Savior, the gospel, and to sharing a sisterhood.

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You can read more of Marsha’s thoughts about being Mormon on her Mormon.org profile.

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