Brandon Jackson was only fourteen when Karen Godt, co-founder of Hope for Honduran Children Foundation, came to his school to give a presentation about the humanitarian service her organization was doing. Brandon felt he should do something. He fought the prompting, and even tried to leave the room, but the feeling that he should get involved was too strong.

Over the past five years, he’s raised around $150,000 for the foundation, and has been to Honduras nearly a dozen times. He helps with various projects to help the children in Flor Azul to have better lives and more hope for the future.

Karen, who is Roman Catholic, beautifully describes what service like Brandon’s can do in helping the light of Christ grow in the lives of others. “Christ gave all of us a light, and Brandon has magnified that light…. He magnifies it and passes it onto other people. It’s the light of Christ that keeps him going. And in sharing it with other people, that flame just gets bigger.”

Brandon has shown that one person can make a difference — even a 14-year-old young man. And he testifies that the Lord helps those who seek to walk in His footsteps by serving others.