Shelly, a site visitor who wants to learn more about our church, prompted this week’s question:

I’m not a Mormon girl, but recently I feel I’ve lost my way with the lord. I go to FCA [Fellowship of Christian Athletes] almost every Friday and I feel out of place sometime, I see how strong the other girls bonds with the lord is and I feel small and weak in comparison. I want to find a deeper connection with the lord, and I want it to be apart of my every waking moment not just on Friday mornings. I’ve been learning about Mormonism recently when I read a book against them, but to me it seemed the book was bias and that there had to be more to this religion then what this girl was saying. So I’ve been looking into it. I’ve always felt different then my family my father is atheist and my mother, well I’m not sure what she is. I grew in a mixed up family where my mother did drugs and my father drank a lot, so most of the time my older sister took care of me and I took care of my little sister. I went to foster care for awhile with a catholic family and I never could connect with their way of thinking. They were good people but I didn’t understand them.
Ever sense I was a child I was never interested in school, I always played by myself and have always enjoyed anything dealing with children or that of a wives role. So now looking into this religion and hearing how much fun you have together and you talking about the sisterhood you have, I can’t help but feel envious. My sisters and I are not close and I often feel alone in my home. I want something that can be apart of my entire life that follows more along the lines of my inner beliefs. I’ve always believed that I should stay at home and raise children, I’m only eighteen and for years now I’ve been finding myself longing for children and a strong bond. I’ve never been able to find a close relationship with the lord but I want one.
I was hoping that you could tell me something more about your role as a wife and as a Mormon woman, what the guidelines or rules are (the most important of course). I just need someone to tell me on a more personal level what its like, and how it affects your day to day life. If you could help me with this I would appreciate it a lot. Thank you for listening.

Please take the time to answer Shelly’s questions and give her your perspective on the roles of Mormon women. You could also talk about how the gospel helps you develop a strong day-to-day relationship with God, and about the blessings of sisterhood in the Church.
Thank you!