Photo of Mormon woman Rene'

~by René (on left in photo; pictured with her daughter)

When I think of things that I could list when asked to describe myself, I am always stopped short. What makes me unique? What makes me, ME? I love to read biographies because I think that I am secretly looking for what makes a person the individual. I was the only woman on this earth that my husband chose to love for almost 36 years. I am a mother. You may be a mother. What makes me unique is I am the mother of Taylor, Preston, Hayley, Kendall, Quinn, and T. J. I am a daughter, but only I can be the daughter of Rene Cathcart and I can only be the sister of Steve and James. I am a Mia Maid Leader in our Ward. Others may teach in the Mormon Church’s Young Women program, but I am the steward of 14-15 year old girls in my particular ward.

I am a temple worker in the Portland Oregon Temple. Many sisters join me on my Tuesday evening shift, but I will interact with one sister at a time, smile at only them and I may make the difference in one sister’s evening and help them to do the most important work on this earth.

I have a child with cerebral palsy. You may have a child with a disability but I am the only person on this earth who has the blessing of bathing this perfect angel every morning. Only I know how to touch his bent limbs, read his vacant eyes and interpret his huge smile. Others help me with his care occasionally, but he and I have a 25-year bond that is unique and sacred.

I have a testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You may as well, but you don’t have mine. Mine comes from my secret prayers, my experiences while reading the scriptures, and the still small Voice that whispers in my heart and my ear that I am a unique and choice daughter of God.